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Natural Pools in Spain

Spain is located at the southern tip of Western Europe almost touching Africa, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. There are very different climates across its vast territory (505,370 km²): Oceanic, Mediterranean, Continental, Subtropical and Mountainous. This results in a great diversity in vegetation and landscapes.

With an average altitude of 650 m above sea level, it’s the third most mountainous country in Europe. The Teide volcano, in the Canary Islands, is the highest point (3718 m). The next 10 highest peaks are in the provinces of Granada and Huesca.

In its numerous mountain ranges, abundant rivers are born. The main rivers in Spain are the Ebro, Tagus, Duero, Guadalquivir, Guadiana, Júcar, Genil, Segura and the Miño. On their way, they create stunning places and natural pools hidden among lush vegetation, surrounded by rock walls or shimmering in semi-desert places.

In these rivers, reservoirs and lakes there are many spectacular spots and natural pools for admiring or wild swimming, but you have to know where they are. Discover below the best natural pools in Spain. 

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